Request for Citizen Observers in Tabulation Centers


We are writing to you to consider our request to have (County name) Elections agree to implement a new process of including Citizen Observers at the (County name) Central Tabulating Center.  The purpose is to observe the processing of votes from when they are cast (in-person or through mail) to when they are uploaded into the Election Management System.  This would include both Advanced/Early Voting and Election Day voting in the 2022 calendar year.

We recognize the successful implementation of this new process will be driven by the official Georgia Code, must be a collaborative effort between the (County name) Elections Management team and the Management team of the groups who submit the Citizen Observers’ credentials to (name of County) for approval and does allow the right of citizens to meaningful observation of the processing of ballots.

Listed below are our suggested observation posts where Citizen Observers may be stationed:

.            – At each Election Night Check-In Service Center to observe chain of custody documents regarding all tabulator tapes and memory cards being dropped off;

             – Observe by following along the route of the courier (runner) to the (name of County) Central Tabulating Center;

            – Behind each ballot scanner (uploading of ballots into the Election Management System at the (name of County) Central Tabulating Center;

            – Close up to (behind or in front of) where Absentee Ballots are opened, processed and scanned;

           – Behind each employee processing Active Military and US Citizens Living Abroad (UOCAVA) ballots, with the ability to see the ballot and computer screen where the ballot is being duplicated;
         – Access to observe Logic & Accuracy Testing including how test ballots are destroyed or secured;

         – Observation of testing of all equipment and handling of memory cards and setting the “ballot style”;

         – Observers being able to view ballots during the adjudication of provisional ballots;

        – Observers in the Call Center able to hear conversation where precincts call in for questions on election day;

       – Observers have ability to watch the process of securing all ballots and election records after processing.

It should be noted here to achieve a successful implementation of this new process it requires all Citizen Observers have a designated (name of County) Elections staff member as a point of contact.  If there is a concern, it will be mutually reviewed with the staff member at the time. 

We look forward to hearing from you this week and hope that you agree that this is a worthy collaboration between the (name of County) Elections Division and the (name of County) voters.