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Trammell finds GOP data to candidates missing 2020 Early Trump Voters and discovers Early Voting has a a manual entry “emergency procedure” starting day 1 to present. Data engineer finds irregularities and the Primary procedure memo already sent out to workers for more of the same on Election Day.

Introduction to Jill Trammell for State House Representative, District 50.

Jill on John Fredricks Show 5/13/22
Please watch this video. We are tired of electing people who are RINOs. Trammell has lived and worked in the area for over 25 years. She is not a “carpetbagger” rather was married in April of 2021 and moved into her husbands home in J.C. She worked as a poll watcher for the Fulton GOP previously and was the Sec. & First VC of Forsyth GOP so she knows Betsy Kramer from having to work with her.
Kramer is parroting the GOP party line. They don’t want an audit because we will prove that both parties cheat. This is why SB202 was weak and didn’t include the ballot access (among other requirements) needed for independent parties to audit the vote. The GOP needs to be taken back by the people, for the people.

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