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Trammell Campaign Sends First Notice of Irregularities During Early Voting

From: Jill Trammell <>
Subject: Candidate ALERT! Call to Action on Early Voting Irregularities
Date: May 21, 2022 at 6:07:51 PM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Attention Candidates and Concerned Citizens,

   The AJC reported this week that “More than 710,000 Georgians have voted early so far, about triple the number in the 2018 election and Republicans are outpacing the number of Democrats.”

    Normally, this would be good news for Republican candidates, however, the following evidence has been brought to my attention regarding voting irregularities and GOP interference in providing accurate and complete information.

    Because of the below facts, as a candidate, I do not trust the results of the Early Voting tabulations which will be done on Tuesday, May 24 or the Primary results.

     From the first to last day of early voting, the Election Net system has had software irregularities.  This “E-Net” supplies the interface between the SOS Voter ID and the key code, to connect a voter’s proper ballot style to their District and Precinct candidates and issues.  This problem appeared less than 4 hours into the first day of voting, when voters reported that their ballot did not have their candidates on it.  This was reported to the Board of Elections and the Secretary of State. It was addressed by the implementation of an emergency “workaround”.  Clerks were instructed to perform a “manual override” with supplemental code lists provided on an Excel spreadsheet, which they matched to their Voter ID and keyed in manually, to create a key card for voting on the Dominion machines. This emergency procedure became the new normal – for the entire State.  There hasn’t been a complete fix or patch reported.

    This allowed for the following irregularities, among others, that have been expressed from poll workers, poll watchers, clerks, and data engineers.·         

  • Systematic, statewide problems with the Election Net Poll Pads.·         
  • Voters provided the wrong ballots for their Districts and precincts.·         
  • Voter absentee ballot applications used indiscriminately.·         
  • Voter confusion from incorrect information being distributed by poll workers.·         
  • Clerks setting aside absentee ballot applications for their own human error or “mistakes” and a second absentee ballot application being generated without spoiling the first.·         
  • New Registration Cards did not get sent out prior to Early Voting so people didn’t know if they got their right ballot or not.·         
  • Scanners were not being turned off at night, as required, with directives to poll managers that remaining on would help make them faster.·         
  • Scanners going down in the middle of voting.·         
  • Scanners being exchanged.·         
  • Memory cards that hold up to 10,000 ballots at a time, being exchanged.·         
  • Ballots missing actual city wide issues to vote on OR had the wrong issues for their city.·         
  • Non-certified – Election Net security update in the middle of the night.·         
  • Republicans getting Democratic ballots.
  • Republicans listed as Democrats in SOS data.

GOP interference is also contributing to my call for an immediate Full Forensic Audit.· 

  • All the 2020 Early Voters were not included in my candidate GOP Database. These are all Trump votes and omissions suppressed my ability to reach voters in my district to canvass or discuss issues as they were happening.
  • Poll watchers were told to “cease and desist” by the GOP due to an administrative problem and were not present for over three full days in my district, which now has data irregularities during that time that cannot be explained.

    I will not trust the results of the Primary Election votes on May 24th, due to the above facts. These challenges and problems likely affect Many candidates.

    I ask that all candidates immediately make ORR requests from their County, Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections, Secretary of State, and the State Elections Board, on any equipment problems, software updates and demand the certification for each of those updates.

Additionally, candidates may still be able to send their own citizen observers to the tabulation centers and polls on Tuesday, assuming they will not stop the election process.

    I will be submitting a request for my own citizen observers and for a Full Forensic Audit on both the early voting results and the Primary results, based on the known and observed facts.

     I have attached some of the data that has been provided and the affidavit for anyone who reports irregularities.  

Affidavits are being collected at:

    If you would like to join me, please contact me at   

VIDEO: Dominic Olomo lies to Board of Elections regarding the votes that were not uploaded prior to certification which include Trammell’s House District 50, precincts JC10 & 11. He blames operator error. Not possible with how the machines are closed. Nadine Williams, Interim Dir. next to him continues the cover up.

SEE BELOW: Note that a Recertification complaint preceded the “FULTON_PRIMARY_RECERTIFICATION_DEFECIENCIES” document which details the events following the complaint. Trammell also submitted a petition to the Superior Court on May 27th which was rejected.

Please read the below report and watch the interview with Kevin to learn more.
The Absolute Truth Interview With : Kevin Moncla – Researcher | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech

The Primary Election was certified by the Board of Elections (BRE) with the above data in place. After Trammell submitted formal complaints, Dominic Olomo the IT professional (who doesn’t even have the credentials to be a poll clerk as he is NOT a US citizen and also had conflict of interest as a Dominion employee) lies to the BRE on the cause of this, implicating poll managers and calling it “human error”. Immediately, this is disputed as there is no human error that could cause the “missing” votes when closing out the machines. Nadine Williams, the Interim Director, also stated the vote cards were “missing” and then retracts this in public when questioned at a later Board of Commissioners meeting.

Olomo then stated it was a “technical glitch” but neither one provides the BRE with the numbers of votes missing from at least 6 precincts – 2 of them in HD50. A “technical glitch” is also a serious matter as votes were affected, yet no one who was asked at the State Secretary of State Elections office or SOS Investigations office, County BRE or GOP leadership calls for a hand count of votes to ensure we have a true count. Even after the Dekalb proof of votes that were not counted at all and machine errors that flipped the candidates votes from first to third. Rather, the BRE and everyone else, take the word of Olomo that it “doesn’t affect the outcomes”. Subsequently, on Memorial Day, GOP BRE representative Kathleen Ruth facilitates a second certification meeting behind closed doors which is required to be open to the public and “re-certifies” the election – without knowing the actual election results! GOP Board of Elections representative Mark Wingate is absent from all these proceedings but leaves her to fight alone against two Democratic representatives. The GOP is also complicit in these illegal certifications.

All parties have refused to give Trammell a hand count of the votes in JC10&11 which were directly affected by their maladministration. This now stinks as potential fraud, with cover ups. Elections currently allow votes from early voting to carry over into election day and are tabulated with the precinct totals. This is where the potential fraud lies. When vote types were cited by Trammell and others as to where the numbers didn’t add up, the Secretary of State website for election results, pulled down the vote types from the tabs altogether and then issued the first denial a hand count.

The other two candidates know that there are multiple serious allegations of maladministration and fraud, and at least 463 voters did not have their votes counted in our district race, but neither of them will stand with Trammell to get a hand count.

Betsy Kramer is useless to everyone who has ever worked with her when it comes to something that isn’t directly serving herself. Reddy has not yet been corrupted to that level. I don’t know whether its naivety, self-preservation or simply being a coward, he had the chance to be a champion for change by standing with me for a hand count. Two candidates demanding this would have gotten what we needed, and we could see if our race had the same issues as in Dekalb where the democrat candidate who got the hand count found 40% increase in votes, which took her from third place to first and showed an algorithm in the machines that flipped first to third place votes automatically. I gave REDDY a written promise that I would concede if I got more votes than him. All I want is for the truth to be uncovered and to show how they are perpetrating these “selections” rather than “elections” – for the third time in a row. He refused my offer multiple times and would not participate.

Relevant articles and pictures below:

Similarly, Trammell found JC11 to have the same issues with ZERO vote totals on Election Day. She immediately notified the Election Board in Fulton County as well as, the State Election Board. However, she has been refused a hand count and has been told to pursue legal action to get answers.


The good news in the recently completed General Assembly session is that we were successful at stopping Brad Raffensperger’s attempt to lift the ban on private money and eliminate non-partisan poll watching. The bad news is that Gov. Brian Kemp and Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan blocked the SB89 election integrity bill just before it became law. If you have to fight for a hand count, this made sure that you could have access to the ballots.

Also, they made sure that the portion of the bill that assigns the GBI to investigate was included and then passed in another irrelevant bill. The GBI to date has NOT investigated any election complaints and in fact have blocked them. SB202 was smoke and mirrors, as the time between primaries and certification was increased to the “Monday after the election”. This put undue pressure on all involved and stops proper investigations.

Fulton County GA site states it is still processing Primary election results on 6/10/22.
ORR REQUESTS IGNORED. Law requires a response within three days. It is June 20th and I have received nothing in response.

Ironically, many Clerks of Courts who are required to keep the physical custody of May 24th Primary ballots, still do not have custody of them. Today is 6/20/22 and the primary runoff election day is tomorrow, 6/21/22.

Kathleen Ruth was supposed to discuss evidence that Dominic Olomo continues to hold from the BRE. Something happened and she shut down. Meeting adjourned without discussion or executive session on litigation.

Fulton County Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman appears to be having some of the same issues as Trammell in getting the County Commissioners to do their job. They must fire the Board of Elections Interim Director Nadine Williams and Dominic Olomo for maladministration of our elections and continuously lying to the Board and the public.