Newsletter from Trammell for State House District 50

So I hate to go negative, but if someone doesn’t tell you who the real Betsy Kramer is, then our bad for allowing it. Video to watch is of the Asian American Zoom Meeting with the 3 Candidates. Click here.

Go to 54:00 and 58:22 – 1:13 to witness why we need to ensure Kramer doesn’t make it through the Primary to run against Senator Michele Au.

Kramer continues to try and discredit myself and Narender Reddy by grasping at straws. She is stating I’ve never voted in a Primary. That is a lie.

I worked as a Fulton poll watcher with Betsy on the 2021 Senate Run-Off – I voted in that race which apparently isn’t on Betsy’s voter record. Surprised? I’m not.
I have had to deal with her lies and apathetic work ethic as a poll volunteer manager multiple times. So she knows I’ve been a dual resident. I moved to District 50 because I got married and moved in to my husbands home in the Shakerag area, where he has lived for 15 years. I still have my home in Cumming. We are both on the HOA and play tennis. I have been on the team here for three years.
Bottom line is that I qualified to run against her and she’s mad. She truly believes she is entitled to this job.

I’ve been a Strong Republican Voter my entire life, my record is crystal clear.
Kramer has voted Democrat her whole life, until she started working on her GOP RINO resume.

The GOP data base has a lot of issues, we all know this from canvassing. She has had administrative access to that data to manipulate it if she wants. In fact, she has used the same accusation twice to discredit the people she is threatened by. She tried to get the rightful Chairperson from the Delegate Convention of 2020 thrown out on a “Vote of No Confidence” stating she never voted in a primary. This is the person the patriots tried to elect in the infamous “Tidddlywinks” convention election fraud debacle.

(59:17) Calling me and Narender Reddy “CARPETBAGGERS” isn’t as bad as when she called YG Nyghtstorm for Congress, a “RACIST” – but that is how she rolls. Clearly she is a Democrat by her actions She says she’s against identity politics, when she actually uses it to her advantage. Being Jewish apparently gives her that entitlement. We are all tired of RINO’s like Betsy Kramer trying to buy and manipulate their way into leadership positions. With leaders like her, we might as well elect a democrat.