Veterans & 2nd Amendment


Medal Of Honor recipients and TRAMMELL.   Jill was honored to be asked to deliver the last commemorative speech at the USMC Eva Air Base in Hawaii.  This was the 2nd location that was attacked in Pearl Harbor. Navy sold it to developers and some of our MOH Convention participants were asked by the state and local government to commemorate the hallowed ground.

Veterans have a TRUE ADVOCATE with Trammell as your State Representative.  She will ensure that the VA is taking care of her constituents!  If we cannot take care of our Veterans, we cannot take care of anyone.  

Trammell will stand up for 2nd Amendment Rights for ALL Georgia citizens.  She will also be a voice for veterans, so that they do not lose their right to carry or bear arms, for seeking mental healthcare.

Trammell will oppose any legislation that supports emergency confiscation, gun ownership labeling, or universal registering of firearms.