State Term Limits

When good Representatives become Politicians, We The People will suffer.

Trammell supports State term limits in Georgia.  Research in the area of legislative term limits is vague on how these truly affect legislation itself.  The types of people who run for office don’t appear to be that affected either. What we do know is that when people are serving their constituents, rather than worrying about their next campaign, they do a better job for the people they represent. 

Jill agrees that term limits for Federal positions are especially important due to the overwhelming landscape of power they have on States, however, the States have to consider how term limits affect their actual legislation to determine whether or not they are necessary.  

This fact is included in reports dating back to the 90s and has clearly become an even bigger issue with the most recent years and partisan divides.  Interestingly enough, people don’t talk about or understand the ramifications of term limits on the distribution of power.  Often these are transferred to the sitting Governor and even legislative staffers.   So, before we jump on the term limits train for your General Assembly… if you want to keep good Representatives who are Conservatives, Republicans and Independents in power – we should realize that what is good for the goose, is good for the gander and do more research.

The table below indicates that of the 13 states that have term limits for their General Assemblies, the majority are Republican.

House Term Limits – 2020’s latest research

151 state representatives—61 Democratic, 89 Republican, and one independent—were term-limited in 2020. Going into the November elections, Democrats had majorities in three of the 11 term-limited state houses. Republicans had majorities in eight of the 11 state house of representatives.[7]

Two state houses—Maine and Michigan—had more term-limited Democrats than Republicans. Nine state houses—ArizonaColoradoFloridaMissouriMontanaNevadaOhioOklahoma, and South Dakota—had more term-limited Republicans than Democrats.

2020 term-limited state house elections
State Majority party Democratic Party Democratic
Republican Party Republican
Independent Nonpartisan
Seats up in 2020 % of seats
Arizona Republican 1 4 0 60 8.3%
Arkansas Republican 0 0 0 100 0.0%
California Democratic 0 0 0 80 0.0%
Colorado Democratic 4 5 0 65 13.8%
Florida Republican 7 11 0 120 15.0%
Maine Democratic 18 3 1 151 14.6%
Michigan Republican 12 10 0 110 20.0%
Missouri Republican 6 28 0 163 20.9%
Montana Republican 7 9 0 100 16.0%
Nevada Democratic 0 1 0 42 2.4%
Ohio Republican 4 8 0 99 12.1%
Oklahoma Republican 0 4 0 101 4.0%
South Dakota Republican 2 6 0 70 11.4%
Total 61 89 1 1261 12.0%

Credit:  Ballotpedia