Seniors & Caregivers

Trammell will vote NO on defunding any of Georgia’s waiver programs and will vote YES on improvements, including accountabilities and more transparency.

Having support available for caregivers is an issue close to Jill’s heart.   Jill has worked for the State of Georgia in the Department of Intake and Evaluation, providing assessments and recommendations to State leadership on the use of the State Waiver programs for the most in need.   Seniors are among the most vulnerable in our State and continue to be an underserved population.

For many years, Jill cared for her mother who was chronically ill,  losing her fight with COPD and chronic heart disease on Nov. 2nd of 2020.   During that time Jill was a single mother, raising 3 children and working outside of the home. This was not just difficult but became impossible at times.   Her situation was not unlike many Georgians who can not afford the out-of-pocket cost of in-home care or assisted living for their loved ones.  There is help from the State, however, this is not without serious cost to the family who may be threatened with homelessness due to accessing the CCSP waiver.

CCSP is the Community Care Service Program whose waiver funding pays for essential services to seniors and the disabled.  When that waivered person dies, their assets go to the State as repayment.  If you are a caregiver who lives in the parent’s home and it is transferred into your name, you will not be able to keep the home unless you have been on record as the primary care provider for your parent and do not take any type of State funding, including the SFC waiver that pays for you as an in home caregiver,  for at least 5 years.  Many do not understand this and lose the only home they have after sacrificing so much of their own lives, while caring for their aging parent.

Jill believes that CCSP and the SFC waiver that are intended to support caregivers needs to better support the aging population and the families who care for them.  The State of Georgia can afford this as we continue to have a surplus in reserves to the tune of $4.3 billion dollars, with State taxes increasing that approx.  9% in  June of 2022.  The governor’s executive budget does not mention restoring lost funding or increasing state waiver funding programs, but does include hefty expenditures to DPH and Education, both issues with which there is intense pressure from the Federal government to expand and control.  There are other capitol expenditures slated that are non essential, but the caring for our elderly and the families that serve them are not a priority.   When elected, Jill will fight for those who need these supports to care for our wonderful seniors.