Mental Healthcare

Jill will be a champion for mental healthcare and will not defund any of the programs currently in place, rather she will restore those previously cut, such as funding for adolescent mental healthcare.  If needed, she will help to write reforms that provide better quality and access to mental healthcare.  Parental rights will always be the first priority, along with ensuring all personal freedoms are not infringed. 

No one can argue that too many families have lost loved ones to suicide or acts of violence.  Especially our veterans.  However, there is hope because violence and self harm can often be stopped with intervention.  The real problem is that we as a society are not recognizing the symptoms and/or providing that intervention, until it is too late.

Too often, the fear of others is the catalyst for policies intending to eliminate many of our freedoms and rights, including our Right to Bear Arms.   Mental healthcare is at the core of these arguments but is rarely discussed as a solution.   No one should be afraid to seek mental healthcare and should find it when needed.  The future of our children, State, and Nation depend on us.   

Trammell will support policies that provide insurance coverage expansion for mental health services that do not increase the cost of premiums.  She will support specific quality of care improvements, and accountabilities for providers of mental healthcare receiving State and Federal funds.   She will support repayment of student loans to students who attend Ga schools and increase our provider pool of certified professionals.  Jill supports law enforcement improvements and training for co-responders so that veterans with PTSD episodes and the mentally ill have their rights protected by those understanding of their conditions and are not thrown into the jail system, again and again.  Rather, we will have other options for them that cost less for the taxpayer and provide better outcomes for them and their families.