Trammell will protect our freedoms and fight for your right to say NO!  She is against mask mandates and vaccination mandates.  She understands the science, as well as, the sinister.  She will fight forever against vaccine passports. 

When you hear that we live in “unprecedented times”,  the fact is we have a pandemic which is not unprecedented, but what they are trying to force you to do with an experimental vaccine is unprecedented.

Anyone telling you what you have to put into your body – or you lose your basic human rights, is wrong.   It is a natural, God given right to  act on your own free will.  You can determine if you do not want to comply with something that could be harmful to you physically, spiritually, or otherwise.

Jill has spoken at School Board meetings, questioning their reasoning for mask mandates and vaccination  policies.  Educating parents on the facts that the Boards of Health do not make these mandates, they provide data and the schools make the policies.

The People must continue to question the School Boards and the Superintendents on their decisions and how they effect our children.