Law Enforcement & Border Crisis

Having grown up in San Diego County, Jill knows exactly how fast and furious our border situation has become.  A 500% surge of immigrants is expected this Spring and we need our Governor to stand up and support our local Sheriffs who are the ones who can send these folks arriving in GA. to the White House lawn.  

She will support policies that maintain and increase the funding of our State and local police, along with new policies that increase transparency and accountability.  She will fight against Federal Capitol police expansion throughout our state, as their jurisdiction should be limited to Washington DC and should never be used as a political weapon.   Trammell does not support the unconstitutional incarceration of those who have been arrested for participation in the Jan. 6 uprising who have not had a timely trial.    Trammell will fight to ensure the enforcement of common-sense laws, including the right to a speedy trial and will advocate for the release of those still being held captive.  

BEING A COP TODAY:  Vicious assaults and assassinations on our civil servants are up 67% from January of 2021.   Defunding the police is not going to make change happen any faster.   In fact, it is a catalyst for more anarchy.   Those affected by death and discrimination are furious that there are laws that protect police from prosecution.   The fact is that these laws are limited, yet it continues to be the excuse for more violence. This must stop.   When law enforcement gets out of bed to go to work, they know…and their families know, that they may not come home again.   Still, they do their job and the majority of them do it because they believe it is the right thing to do.    Civil society only exists if we have the ability to enforce our laws.

This includes Immigration Laws.   Trammell watched her home state of California become what it is today, because of the constant flow of illegal immigrants.   Facts are that if you are receiving social services and The Biden Administration is relocating you and your family through a secret contract with a security contractor, you’re going to vote for that party.  The Biden Administration has willfully deceived the American people and is culpable for healthcare services and crimes committed by the immigrants they have effectively SPONSORED.  Many have seen this body cam video released by FOIA .

States must take action to enforce our immigration laws already in effect.  When social service systems and law enforcement come across a bad actor selling drugs and/or committing crimes, we must IMMEDIATELY act to remove them from our country and SUE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for the cost of each and every one of them.