Trammell will support smart environmental policies that protect our natural world, without delaying it for our children to deal with.  She will work to ensure our strategies for clean energy are sustainable and economically sound.  Its time that Republicans and Conservatives take real action on saving our planet.

The discussion on human environmental impact is urgent.  As a former surfer and an avid scuba diver, Jill knows that regardless of what you want to call it, our ocean reefs are dying at an alarming rate.   When the coral reefs are dead, the rest of the ocean follows.  When the ocean is dead, so are we.

Electric vehicles and emissions are being pushed for many reasons, but the environmental and economic impact from job loss and batteries, is staggering.  The additional reliance we will have on China who owns the majority of the mining for this use, is also an issue that needs to be addressed.  We can do better than blanket policies that push an agenda that is not sustainable for Americans.