Election Fraud is REAL

Elect Jill Trammell and you will have a representative with integrity fighting to make sure your vote counts! She is a leader who can make independent decisions from the party, especially when they are not doing what is in the best interest of the people.

If you still think that the election was not stolen in 2020, PLEASE WATCH 2000 Mules to see the evidence many of us actually saw and/or reported here in Ga.  

Trammell will support legislation to get rid of the Dominion Voting machines that are in violation of two Georgia statutes, as determined by The U.S. District Court on Oct 11th, 2020.  These machines provide QR codes with your votes which are unverifiable by the voter and thus, illegal.  The fact that Millions were spent on these machines is no excuse not to get rid of them.  They are able to be manipulated electronically and have been proven to be insecure.

Trammell also supports legislative changes needed for Ballot Transparency to ensure we make it easy to vote, but hard to cheat. 

If past performance predicts future performance, we cannot afford to have anyone other than Jill Trammell as our State Representative.  Here’s why.

While Betsy Kramer and the Fulton GOP was fighting amongst themselves in their botched election, shaded with fraud… Jill was organizing patriots to gather proof of election fraud and to get more people out to vote.    She started the first Forsyth GOP Action Committees, wrote and passed a Resolution for a Full Audit of our 2020 and 2021 Elections and gave a voice for the precinct chairs calling out Governor Kemp (who does have the Constitutional authority to call for an audit) Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger and our Republican State Legislators.   Forsyth was 1 of only 5 counties that sent these resolutions to the State leadership attempting to compel them to take action for the people they represent.  Jill helped 3 of these counties with their Resolutions for a Full Audit, however, Fulton GOP did not join this group, in fact they perpetuated the lie that there was no fraud until the party parrots changed their tune.    The Election Integrity Committee Jill started in Forsyth County is still growing strong and continues to organize Republicans to canvas and analyze the voter rolls, among other initiatives.  They have made discoveries that are cleaning up the rolls by requesting the Board of Elections remove people who should not be able to vote for multiple reasons such as moving, multiple registrations at business, PO boxes, empty lots, death, etc.

Trammell is a member of several grassroots organizations such as the US Election Integrity Project, Voter Ga, and PGR/Preserve Georgia Rights.   On Feb. 18th, 2022, Jill spoke at the PGR Grassroots Freedom Fest as an endorsed candidate from around the state who is pushing for election integrity.  That day, PGR and Mike Lindell delivered over 40,000 Affidavits of Maladministration to the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, and Governor Kemp.

Trammell has not stopped working on election integrity issues during this campaign.  On Feb. 28, 2022, she walked the halls with VoterGA founder Garland Favorito educating the House of Representatives and Senators on the unlawful act perpetrated (again) by Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger by making a closed-door, no-bid, $3.5 million deal to put our VOTER ROLLS into the Salesforce cloud-based system.  Jill also assisted Garland with garnering the support of legislators to sign onto the lawsuit he announced on March 7th, for an injunction to STOP this violation of our privacy and GA laws.

Trammell has been a voice that continues to push for NO TEMPORARY AGENCIES used for poll workers and watchers and holding the Fulton County Commissioners accountable for the actions of a corrupt Election Board.   Staffing agencies owned by Stacy Abrams and now 4 others, are allowed to control tabulations and other key positions during the elections.  “Happy Faces” agency owned by Abrams is implicit in fraud witnessed in the 2020 Presidential and Senate Run-Off.  This sparked CNN to call our election fraud videos and affidavits to become “the Big Lie” which Trammell and others have since been permanently “canceled” on Facebook for educating the public via social media.

The Fulton County elections cost is now over $53 million in taxpayer dollars due to these agencies and the “Fair Fight” group by Abrams pushing to pay them upwards of 34 dollars per hour.   Cities in Fulton County such as Johns Creek,  are forced to pay that bill.   Learn the facts from the work at VoterGA.

             Learn the Facts – VOTERGA.org

  1. The U.S. District Court found on Oct 11th, 2020, the Dominion Voting System that was used in the November 2020 election is unverifiable to the voter and in violation of two Georgia statues
  2. There are six sworn affidavits of counterfeit mail-in ballots in Fulton Co. election results scaling into the tens of thousands
  3. State Farm Arena video shows at least four violations of Georgia election law
  4. Approximately 43,000 DeKalb Co. drop box ballots have no chain of custody forms to authenticate them
  5. Tru the Vote Geo tracking showed evidence of ballot harvesting teams driving repeatedly to drop boxes in Fulton and DeKalb
  6. All 350,000+ original in-person ballot images in Fulton are missing in violation of federal, state retention law
  7. All 393,000+ original ballot images in Cobb are missing in violation of federal, state retention law
  8. At least 17,720 certified in person recount votes have no ballot images in Fulton
  9. 18,325 voters had vacant residential addresses according to U.S. Post Office
  10. 904 voters were registered at a P.O. Box address, which is illegal
  11. All or large parts of 2,000,000 original ballot images from 70+ Georgia counties are missing
  12. Failure to make mandatory check of ballot envelope signature to signature on file resulted in a 2020 absentee ballot rejection rate drop from 3.47% (in 2018) to 0.34%, which translates to the acceptance and inclusion of approximately 4,400 dubious Fulton County mail-in ballots
  13. The U.S. District Court found the Secretary of State’s office “not credible” on August 16th, 2019 [pg. 70]
  14. report compiled by Matt Braynard and his team at Look Ahead America provided specific, verifiable evidence that likely illegal ballots exceed the margin of victory in the Presidential race
  15. Statistical abnormalities identified in many GA counties by former Army Intelligence Captain, Seth Keschel, show that it is implausible that the election results are correct.

Here is a humorous attempt to reach the uninformed masses based on Georgia Election Integrity facts. The billboard campaign video: features “Raffy the Wolf” in sheep’s clothing from the AuditGAnow.com billboard campaign.

Here is a good breakdown of how “Zuckerbucks” and  non profit monies infused into our county elections negatively impacts the entire state.

“Grants for Votes” Scheme in Georgia? (substack.com)