Jill Trammell has accomplished great things as an employee and as an entrepreneur.  As the owner of Patriot Promotions, LLC.  (founded in 2010) she has worked with Medal of Honor recipients, veteran non-profits, and 2nd Amendment groups, among many others.   She has provided business consulting, PR, crisis management, VIP events, created brand ambassadors and started non-profits against sex trafficking.  She represented public figures on television shows such as “Sons of Guns” and “TopShot” along with patriots  such as Navy Seal, Chief Chris Kyle our “American Sniper” and was among the family and friends at his memorial.

Trammell has been behind the political scenes since she was a young woman in Southern California promoting notable Patriots such as Kris Anne Hall: Liberty’s Lobbyist, Newt Gingrich, Trump and others fighting to keep our freedoms.   She must be doing something right because her reach was great enough that she was permanently deleted from Facebook on Sept. 11th, 2021 for posting her own poll watching experiences and linking to the video evidence of ballot-box stuffing here in Ga.   Jill knows the risks of speaking up for your beliefs as a public official are much greater than getting “canceled” and she will not be silenced.  She is fueled by the power of Patriots, who know we must put God and America First.

Having grown up in Southern California, Jill learned early on that you must work hard for everything you have and even harder to keep it.   After Covid shut down  Gant Medical,  a manufacturing start up in Alpharetta where she was a shareholder and the company Controller, she continued to evolve her own business during unprecedented times.  Currently, she provides technical and marketing consulting for clients using automated systems such as HubSpot, along with tax prep and organizational consulting for small businesses.


With titles such as COO, Controller, and Executive Director, she has worked with diverse teams to solve problems, set budgets, and priorities.  She has a strong business and compliance mindset, with experience managing projects up to $25 million and a workforce of up to 500 with budgets comprised of public and private monies, insurances and local funds.

Trammell has years of Health and Human Services training from working for DBHDD and then as an executive for behavioral healthcare providers.  She will make a great legislator and will be an asset to the Health and Human Services Committee, among others, as she has evaluated and advised leadership on the providers and clients “most in need” for State waiver funding.  Jill knows how these programs have evolved and how Georgia State business and government agencies interrelate.

Jill has never been afraid to start or manage change.  As a COO, she successfully led Advantage Behavioral Healthcare System operations in Athens, from State Grant in Aid budgets to Fee for Service.  This legislative policy change has saved taxpayers millions of dollars and improved the quality of care from our Community Service Boards.  Trammell had previously worked for Avita Community Partners in Gainesville, the sister CSB to Advantage, where she was a Compliance officer in charge of Health, Safety, and Client Rights until she was recruited to Advantage to assist in their change management.   As an Executive Director, she was a visionary for model programs that function without reliance on taxpayer dollars and for increasing access to services for vulnerable populations including sex trafficking victims and teens in foster care at Bald Ridge Lodge in Cumming and OMH of Southwest Fl.

With this experience, she was able to bring together the first Forsyth County mental health community coalition, while writing the policies and procedures that enabled the Bald Ridge Lodge to become a State certified facility.  She repaired issues with the Governor’s office mandating against shelter services and created a model “Stabilization and Assessment” Center to put into action, a new vision for Georgia at-risk youth and child care providers.   Notably, this was accomplished after two previous Executive Directors and the Board of Directors were denied, saving a $2.5 million project in Forsyth county and opening it in record time for the Juvenile Court and DFCS to house young men in crisis, earning her a spot in the Forsyth Leadership Program.

Where there are obstacles, there are opportunities and Jill will find them.


Jill was the Forsyth County Republican Party Secretary and First Vice Chairman in 2020/2021.  She got involved after a negative poll-watching experience with the Fulton GOP and decided to see for herself if the GOP could improve. She has volunteered hundreds of hours to election integrity efforts among other issues.  She started Action Committees in two counties and continues to run weekly meetings. Jill is often seen at the capitol garnering support from legislators for bills that she cares about.

Jill was a leader for TRANSIT Middle School Girls at North Point Ministries for three years and currently volunteers for the preschool program that her daughter directs at the Local Church.

For the past 12 years,  Jill Trammell has been working to bring awareness to PTSD, TBI, and Suicide Prevention.  She was V.P. of Wise Health Inc. and worked to build the community of  VeteranCaregiver.com as the first DoD-approved online suicide prevention platform.  During that time, she vetted and made recommendations on over 250 veteran nonprofits that filled the gaps in the continuum of care.  She knows what it means to help people and to be an advocate, especially at the VA.

Jill has been an advocate for many years, helping those who are developmentally disabled, or in need of mental healthcare.   Currently, she is working with grassroots to find meaningful employment for those transitioning out of High School in Johns Creek with Developmental Disabilities.

As a veteran advocate, Jill’s voice has been heard by legislators over the last 12 years and this has resulted in improved treatments and services from the VA, multiple suicide preventions, and approvals on new advancements to treat chronic pain.

Trammell received a Presidential Volunteer Award in conjunction with her work with US Veteran Corps, saving a life and building a better future for a lone survivor from the war in Iraq.