Trammell for State House 50 Newsletter

Week of 5/2/2022

“All it takes for RINO’s to prevail is for good people to sit back and do nothing.”

I really hate to go negative, but if someone doesn’t tell you who the real Betsy Kramer is, then our bad for allowing her to be elected. Please watch the Asian American Zoom Meeting with the 3 Candidates. Click here. Or the Medlock Bridge Debate Series for HD 50 found here. I believe you will understand.

In the Asian Zoom meeting, please forward to 54:00 and 58:22 – 1:13 You can witness why we need to ensure Kramer doesn’t make it through the primary. She will never be able to debate her.

Betsy Kramer continues to try and discredit myself and Narender Reddy by spinning a web of misinformation and lies.

First thing she is stating that I’ve never voted in a Primary. That is a lie. Now I’m wondering if my vote counted or not? I worked as a Fulton poll watcher (with Betsy home on the couch) for the 2021 Senate Run-Off . I voted in that race, which apparently isn’t on Betsy’s GOP voter record. I also registered just in time to vote for the Mayor and City Council race. I told them to get the Fulton GOP data from her for the walk lists. Now she’s taking credit for their victory, as if everyone else’s efforts were for naught.

I’ve been a Strong Republican voter my entire life, that is clear to everyone who knows me. On the other hand, Betsy Kramer has voted Democrat her whole life, until she started working on her GOP RINO resume. This seems to be a common theme with people who cause problems in the party.

Second thing she won’t give up on, is that neither Narender Reddy or I have been residents long enough to know what the people in HD50 need. That is simply untrue and we’ve proven that multiple times. You’ll see how well she answers that question in the MB debate series Part 1. I believe she says the 3 things in order of importance are “Traffic, …um Traffic…and um, Traffic”.

I moved to District 50 because I got married and moved in to my husbands home in the Shakerag area, where he has lived for 15 years and raised his three boys. I still have my home in Cumming, where I raised my three kids and cared for my mother until she passed away on Election Day Nov. 3, 2020. That is where I was the Forsyth GOP Secretary and First Vice Chairman, just like Betsy was in Fulton GOP. My husband Craig Cusick and I are both on the HOA for Shakerag Subdivisions. I live in Devonhall and play tennis. Craig is the Tennis Chair. I have been on the team here for 3 years.

Bottom line is that Kramer will keep trying to discredit me on anything she can. I qualified to run against her and she’s mad. She truly believes she is entitled to this job. I couldn’t stand the thought of losing this seat to Michele Au so I stepped up…like many Patriots are doing around the nation.

Lets explain why many delegates are against Betsy Kramer and her RINO friends. (We probably don’t have to explain why we dislike her buddy Brad Raffensberger.) Betsy was part of the GOP establishment team that tried to get the rightful Chairperson – who was elected at the County Delegate Convention of 2020, thrown out. I could go on and on about it, but she also tried using a “Vote of No Confidence” stating that the new Chairwoman “never voted in a primary“. Sound familiar? This is the person the delegates like you and me, tried to elect in the infamous “Tidddlywinks” convention election fraud debacle. (News Max did a national story on it) You get the picture….

Recent behaviors are starting to look more like a Democrat than a RINO, but they often overlap! For example, when in doubt…call them names! Betsy states in the MB Debate that she is “against identity politics”…..

Check out the Zoom at (59:17) Kramer calls me and Narender Reddy “CARPETBAGGERS”. Which was actually pretty funny. That is nothing. She called YG Nyghtstorm for Congress, a “RACIST” – because he wouldn’t let her speak at an event she showed up at for “Conservatives of Color” and refused to gather in prayer with us all, but somehow he was “racist” against her being Jewish? Now that was NOT FUNNY.

We are all tired of RINO’s like Betsy Kramer in leadership positions.

With leaders like her, we might as well elect a democrat.

Please help our grassroots campaign in the primary election. I am endorsed by patriots. Those who are taking back the legislation for the people, by the people. Veterans for America First and Georgia Republican Assembly, among other Christian Action Committees.

We must have the STRONGEST LEADER prevail to beat Michele Au in the General Election.